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Examples of paradigms


It can be defined as a model an  xample tax within a society , in a situation which is followed by others; These models represent the limits within which action can be taken and the guidelines to be followed in a community .

We can say then that a paradigm is a series of concepts that occur within a society; These types of ideas can be adopted in whole or in part by people to define their way of life.

Paradigms are susceptible to change , this means that with the passage of time new ways of thinking may emerge and that influence existing paradigms, modifying these and adapting in this way to new technologies, lifestyles, economic situation, politics And social.

Another important point is its relationship with people’s values , which is very close since actions and decisions are largely based on these concepts. In the same way, the decision to accept a paradigm varies from person to person.

A paradigm does not necessarily have to lean towards good or bad , it depends a lot on the way in which people apply them in their lives. It is also necessary to point out that paradigms can be classified depending on the field in which the person operates. In this sense we can find:

  • educational paradigms
  • scientists
  • social
  • labor
  • historical, among others

Types of paradigms

  • Positivist: scientific model based on the formulation of hypotheses .
  • Interpretive: it is based on the study of various human actions based on their multiple meanings.
  • Sociocritical: it is based on the concern of the multiple problems of a social nature.

Examples of paradigms

  1. Women were born to marry and raise children.
  2. Expensive products are quality, what is expensive is good.
  3. Women must be slim to be pretty.
  4. Men drive better than women.
  5. God is always watching what we do.
  6. Previously, women did not work in the construction area because it was said that this was not women’s work. Today, women perform this work on a par with men.
  7. In the past, in the United States and certain European countries, some rights and duties were prohibited, such as voting, the use of public toilets, among other things, people of color due to their skin tone. Today that no longer exists.
  8. Before there was the belief that only scholars were the people who were worth within society. Currently there are people who, without having university or higher education, have millions of dollars in their accounts.
  9. In the past, having a slim figure and having a white skin tone was considered synonymous with beauty. Currently that thought does not apply.
  10. In the past, if you did not study or learn something new while you were young and after you were old you could not do it. Currently there are older people who have graduated from university and are still studying.

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