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Examples of panic zone

The panic zone is also known as any situation that can generate a feeling of lack of control in the person, of fear of losing what has already been achieved, is to leave that area in which you can have the feeling of security, stability and in which nothing can be lost, it is also known as a comfort zone but within what is coaching and personal improvement, even in psychology, the fact of staying in this zone is synonymous with a stagnation in progress to On a personal level in various areas of life, fear of change is what often makes people avoid taking risks and exploring new things and this fear is known as a panic zone.

It is also known as a magic zone because, as we have said, it usually generates a fear of the unknown, of what has never been experienced or that perhaps has but when it has been so, it has caused a negative feeling to the person, in a positive way. It can be taken as a challenge and if the person makes the decision to do everything possible to take risks, the results can be very good both physically and emotionally since the feeling of having achieved something helps a lot in self-esteemAnd trust is also a great contribution to the learning process, although it is true that unexpected and unpleasant things may happen, it does not have to be a reason to backtrack at the moment of taking that step. Change and taking on challenges can lead a person to progress and that should not be something that causes fear.

It is possible that despite having made the decision to enter the so-called panic zone, fear makes one return to his comfort zone, there are no magic formulas that can guarantee positive results always, most agree that the only way To overcome these fears is self-confidence, self-confidence and of course working on self-esteem, taking stumbles or failures as opportunities to learn and be stronger, it is also known that nothing will be easy but it is precisely the effort and perseverance which will ultimately make the person really strong and they will be able to see the panic zones in a very different way.

Examples of panic zone:

  1. A person with a phobia of flying by plane decides to enter the panic zone by getting on a plane.
  2. The owner of a restaurant who prefers to stay with a local and the same customers, expand and risk investing in new premises for fear of not being successful.
  3. A person shy about the need to speak in public or even in a crowded auditorium.
  4. A person with a phobia of heights decides to face their fears by parachuting.

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