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Examples of painful crime

A malicious crime is defined as actions committed by some people who, even knowing that they are prohibited and sanctioned by law, do or accept to carry out the acts. They don’t mind causing harm to other people as long as they get what they want.

Sometimes for a malicious crime the law will punish it as a felony.

10 Examples of Painful Crime

  1. When a person enters a store and takes something without paying, this is a crime of theft that affects another person since it causes the owner of the store to lose money.
  2. When you are working on a site and start stealing things, this is a malicious crime of theft.
  3. People who work at the cash register and start stealing money affecting the profits of the warehouse is a malicious crime.
  4. People who kidnap others to collect ransom are committing a crime.
  5. When the shoe store clerk starts stealing shoes to sell them and make extra money, it is a crime.
  6. Entering someone else’s house and stealing is a malicious crime.
  7. By opening the doors to a car and stealing some accessories is a crime.
  8. When Luis got hold of his neighbor who is angry and decides to hit him over the head with a tube, causing him harm, this is a crime.
  9. Marta went into a store and grabbed a wallet, she took it without paying for it, even though she knew she should.
  10. When a child takes a candy from the store and his parents find out but do not cancel it, this is a malicious crime.
  11. The girl who takes the phone out of her friend’s purse without her realizing it is committing a crime.
  12. The young man who beats his cousin out of jealousy causing him several injuries is a crime.

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