Examples of overcoming


Overcoming is a term used to refer to a set of capacities that people have to face adverse situations and obstacles that usually appear in different situations in life.

This allows oneself to improve on a personal and professional level , achieve the objectives, thus avoiding staying on the road, that is, a person who has a strong conviction in what he wants to achieve always looks for a way to achieve his objectives and trace himself new ones already fulfilled those that were previously had.

The overcoming goes beyond the material and economic achievements. Although they turn out to be a benefit of constant personal development, a person who struggles in the face of adversity obtains a very great personal satisfaction that helps him improve his quality of life and that of the people around him.

This virtue is related to other qualities of the human being and the search for constant improvement, making individuals develop their personal and social capacities, being able to gain life experience along the way.

He seeks to be in constant movement both physically and intellectually. A clear example of this are athletes, athletes although in every aspect of life you can see improvement as it is in studies, work, politics , it is an attitude totally contrary to pro-castrination.

Examples of overcoming

    1. The Hoyt team: Father who has a significant love of sports, always participates in tournaments with his son who has a disability acquired from birth.
    2. Daniel:  young man with autism and only seventeen years old, he completed six Coursera programs.
    1. Pablo Pineda: he is a professor and is considered the first person to have achieved a university degree despite having Down syndrome in Europe.
    2. Teresa Perales: Olympic swimmer. He has won 26 medals in the Olympic games despite a disease that prevents him from having mobility from the legs down. This clearly has not been an impediment to achieving your goals.
Desiree Vila:  Young woman who lost her leg despite medical negligence. Despite his condition, he has not stopped running or playing sports, always putting a good face on bad weather.
  1. Nicholas vujicic

Motivational speaker who was born without limbs, is of Australian origin and despite his condition has become one of the most famous people in the world as an example of personal improvementLance Armstrong

He was a professional cyclist born in Texas and who fought against cancer, achieving victories in 7 Tours of France in a row, being a spokesman in the fight against this disease worldwide.

  1. Oscar pistorius

Of South African origin, he lost his legs when he was only 11 months old due to fibular hemimelia disease, he got permission to participate in the London Olympics being the first athlete with this type of disability to officially participate in the Olympic games.

  1. Im Dong-hyung

In the same way, he managed to be present at the Olympic games, he achieved a record in archery despite suffering from a type of myopia that almost makes him blind.

  1. Kyle maynard

Despite her genetic disorder called congenital amputation syndrome , her struggle and her desire to continue seeing her life to the fullest have marked her path. Despite having neither elbows nor knees, he practices mixed martial arts and is internationally recognized.

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