Examples of output peripherals

Output peripherals

When we talk about output peripherals, we refer to electronic terms , that is, electronic devices that fulfill certain functions such as displaying an image, printing or emitting some type of signal that are generally easy for the user to interpret.

In this sense, to speak of an output peripheral is to mention the function it fulfills of showing whoever is using the electronic device or computer, the various operations that have been executed and processed through it.

Through this device, the computer manages to express the responses to the requests made, showing the result of the work done. These peripherals can be divided into two, namely:

    • Audiovisual: also called soft copy such as the computer monitor
    • Printing: called hard copy. Among them we can find fax, printers of various types, plotters, among others.

Examples of output peripherals

  1. Printing machine
  2. Monitor
  3. Headphones
  4. Speakers
  5. Graphic card
  6. Sound card
  7. Microfilm
  8. Voice synthesizer
  9. Fax
  10. Projectors
  11. Print or dot plotters
  12. Braille printer
  13. Audio boards
  14. Speakers
  15. Robotic arms
  16. Lathes
  17. Cutting tools
  18. Grinding machines
  19. Milling machines
  20. Interactive boards
  21. Digitizer tablets
  22. Pen drive
  23. Virtual reality glasses
  24. Game control
  25. Wi-Fi signal emitters
  26. Mouse

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