Examples of organization charts

Organization chart

Organizational charts are diagrams that graphically show the structure and organization of a company or entity and serve to determine the functions and characteristics of each of its elements.

An organization chart is defined as the scheme used by the organization of companies in order to adequately analyze the structure of the organization in order to obtain information. Thanks to these graphs, it is possible to clearly establish the level of hierarchy and the existing links between each department, group and person within an organization.

Organization charts make it easy to analyze how an organization is structured. It is important to know that not too much information is added about each area or department but the data that characterizes each one of them.

They can be divided into three types:

  • General organization charts:  these are the ones that present data in a simple way and the information that is found is only the most relevant.
  • The analytical flowcharts: show somewhat more specific information.
  • Supplementary flowcharts : which turn out to be a variation that complements the analytical flowcharts.

According to its graphic representation we also find:

  • horizontal organization chart: the hierarchy is shown from left to right.
  • vertical organization chart:  The order is formed in a pyramidal way, from top to bottom.
  • circular organization chart:  This organization chart reflects the figure of the main authority in the center. while around it the following positions are delimited in concentric spaces and in a decreasing way.
  • Scalar organization chart: In this organization chart indents are used to determine the position of the person described, as the indentation is greater, the lower the position they hold.
  • Mixed organization chart:  it is a mix between the horizontal and vertical organization chart

Organizational chart examples

  1. Circulars
  2. Vertically
  3. Horizontal
  4. Mixed
  5. Functional
  6. Triangular
  7. General organization chart
  8. Comprehensive organization chart
  9. Administrative micro
  10. Specific organization chart
  11. Organizational chart in committee
  12. Informative
  13. Analytics
  14. Formal
  15. Informal
  16. Administrative macro
  17. Administrative meso
  18. Block
  19. From place to place and units
  20. Of work activities
  21. Of hierarchies
  22. Workdays
  23. Organization charts of how the players are doing
  24. Organization chart of vaccination days and the corresponding sectors
  25. Organization chart of business days

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