Examples of Ordinary Laws

Each country has a legal system that controls all areas of development. Among the laws that are created for the establishment of order are organic laws and ordinary laws.

What are ordinary laws?

Unlike organic laws , which are generated from the Constitution of a territory, ordinary laws are those that, given some debate in Congress, or whatever the legislative body of your country is called, is designed and approved.

They are “normal” laws that can cover various cases that may not be covered by the Constitution, but are certainly governed by it.

Ordinary laws are the first instance to which a citizen can appeal, since they represent the first level of the legal regulations of a country.

Example of ordinary laws

  • The following are names of actual ordinary laws of different countries.
  • Federal Civil Code
  • Ordinary Law of General Political Amnesty
  • Ordinary Law of Food for Workers
  • Ordinary Water Law
  • Ordinary Civil Aeronautics Law
  • Ordinary Law of Lawyers
  • Ordinary Law Against Illicit Exchange Rates
  • Ordinary Law Against Corruption
  • Ordinary Law of the Practice of Medicine
  • Ordinary Law for the Regularization and Control of Housing Leases
  • Ordinary Food Law for Male and Female Workers
  • Ordinary Law of Institutions of the Banking Sector
  • Ordinary Law of Social Responsibility in Radio and Television
  • Ordinary Law Against the Crime of Smuggling
  • Ordinary Comprehensive Garbage Management Law
  • Ordinary Law of the Fire Brigade and Firefighters and Administration of Civil Emergencies of the Capital District
  • Ordinary Law of the State Councils for Planning and Coordination of Public Policies
  • Ordinary Law of Local Public Planning Councils
  • Ordinary Law of Regularization of the Constitutional and Legal Periods of the State and Municipal Public Powers
  • Ordinary Law for the Defense of Political Sovereignty and National Self-Determination
  • Ordinary Law of Political Parties, Political Meetings and Demonstrations
  • Regulations of the Foreign Trade Law
  • Regulations of the Foreign Trade Law
  • Federation Income Law for fiscal year 2016
  • Law of Promotions and Rewards of the Mexican Army and Air Force
  • Current
  • Income Law of the Federation for the Fiscal Year 2017
  • Federal Law for the Control of Chemical Substances Susceptible to Diversion for the Manufacture of Chemical Weapons
  • Ordinary Law of Collective Investment Entities

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