Examples of Ordinal Numbers in English

Previously, there was talk about the use of  cadinal numbers in the English language and it is that they are something elementary that they teach from preschool or primary school . Now, we have to continue with other types of uses that are given, but now to  ordinal numbers , because between these there really is a lot of difference. So pay close attention, because we will tell you some  examples of ordinal numbers in English so that they can be applied in the correct way and the best of all is that with some of these examples, you will learn better the correct way to use them.

Ordinal numbers in English

Generally this type of numbers are used to keep an order of things, they are used in awards, dates, always with the idea of ​​indicating who was the first to arrive, second, third, among other positions that could be occupied. When using this numbering, the ending “th” is added, although it can vary from the root of the word, so it is necessary to be careful when applying it. There are some derivatives of the same root word to use and it can be added to “st” or “nd”.

As it is generally used to say a date, in general, many people are aware of these numbers starting from 1 to 31, which would be the days of the month. However, it must be clarified that it can also be used without any kind of problems from 1 to 1,000,000.

Examples of Ordinal Numbers in English

  • 1st = First.
  • 2nd = Second.
  • 3rd = Third.
  • 4th = Fourth.
  • 5th = Fifth.
  • 6th = Sixth.
  • 7th = Seventh.
  • 8th = Eighth.
  • 9th = Ninth.
  • 10th = Tenth.
  • 11th = Eleventh.
  • 12th = Twelfth.
  • 13th = Thirteenth.
  • 14th = Fourteenth.
  • 15th = Fifteenth.
  • 16th = Sixteenth.
  • 17th = Seventeenth.
  • 18th = Eighteenth.
  • 19th = Nineteenth.
  • 20th = Twentieth.
  • 21st = Twenty first.
  • 22nd = Twenty second.
  • 23th = Twenty third.
  • 24th = Twenty fourth.
  • 25th = Twenty fifth.
  • 30th = Thirtieth.
  • 40th = Fortieth.
  • 50th = Fiftieth.
  • 60th = Sixtieth.
  • 70th = Seventieth.
  • 80th = Eightieth.
  • 90th = Ninetieth.
  • 100th = One Hundredth.

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