Examples of opinion essay

Opinion essay

It is an opinion article on a specific topic written in English. In this type of writing or essay, the most important thing is the conclusion , regardless of the argument you use to carry it out.

It is a writing exercise done in English. One of the fundamental bases of an opinion essay is firstly the varied and abundant vocabulary with meaning , and secondly, the content or well-structured sentences with enough connectors that allow you to structure in the best way (with polite vocabulary and word) determined opinion.

The importance of an opinion essay lies in avoiding informal vocabulary, contractions, and colloquial terms almost entirely .

How should an essay opinion be structured?

The structure of this type of test as mentioned above must be sufficiently defined . In this sense, the parts that make it up must allow the reader to interpret and understand it just by “taking a look at it.”

The first thing to consider is the introduction . In it, the point of view that you are going to raise must be clear and without any doubt. Some phrases or connectors that you can use for this are the following:

  • believe that / Some / many people feel – believe that / Some / many people feel
  • As I see it – my way of seeing
  • It is generally agreed that – it is generally believed that
  • According to – according to
  • It seems to me that – it seems to me that

In second place but equally important are the arguments used for this type of writing. These should be organized into two groups or three, depending on the amount of content.

The idea is to expose in detail in the arguments, the point of view that is going to be expressed either in favor or against. Some examples that can be used are the following:

  • I belive that – I think
  • For example – for example
  • In my opinion – in my opinion
  • On the one hand – on the one hand
  • Because of this – because of this

In Thirdly, the conclusion . It must be handled with great detail and appropriate words since this is where the end of the written article is expressed. Some words, connectors or phrases that you can use when making the conclusion are the following:

  • To sum up – to sum up
  • In conclusion – in conclusion
  • Whereas – while
  • However – however

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