examples of open, closed and isolated systems

Sets are known as open systems that are made up of different components that are interrelated with each other. Its main function is to exchange an enormous amount of matter and energy in equal parts with the outside world, being partly responsible for the proper functioning of the system itself.

10 Examples of open systems

  • All the animals that exist.
  • The organs and systems that make up the human body .
  • The environment .
  • Bacteria in general, although within the system they are recognized as independent.
  • Plants, since their photosynthesis process is an energy exchange.
  • Operating systems .
  • Cities are interpreted as such as they need external interaction.
  • The economic systems whose premise is the exchange between different countries.
  • The way river water flows, since it receives tributaries, and at the same time sends others.
  • The engine of a car.

10 Examples of closed systems

The closed systems are those identified as having an autonomous behavior and in a separate item, because it has no interaction with any other physical agents in addition to those who compose it. By not having any relationship with outsiders, it can survive peacefully with its own operating mechanisms.

  • Wind-up watches.
  • The balloons when they are inflated, without differing in the use of helium.
  • The planet Earth, since it exchanges energy and not matter.
  • A tv.
  • The entire universe, when understood as a totality.
  • Pressure cookers that do not allow gases to escape.
  • Airplanes are considered as part of this system, despite releasing gases, some of its parts are completely compacted.
  • A nuclear reactor.
  • Corporate messaging systems.
  • The production line of a factory.

10 Examples of isolated systems

The isolated systems are a bit more difficult to identify because they are those who do not allow for the exchange of matter and energy with the outside world , however, these are not entirely perfect, therefore, also they considered as the ideal system Many occasions.

  • The coolers.
  • The microwaves.
  • Wetsuits made of neoprene.
  • Thermos to maintain the temperature of the drinks.
  • The inner part of an igloo.
  • The inside of wool coats.
  • A refrigerator.
  • The cabins made of wood.
  • The human mind.
  • Canned food.

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