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Examples of Obsessions


What is an Obsession?

An obsession is known as a persistent attitude, thought or behavior in an individual. It is characterized by generating negative and dissociative ideas, that is, the obsessive person stops distinguishing between what is correct and what is not. Obsession is generally an uncontrollable state caused by anxiety and stress. This term is associated with words such as siege, persecution, harassment and concern, as they are the consequence of obsession.

For its part, from a psychological and clinical perspective, obsession is known as a pathological disorder called OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). This causes inappropriate behaviors and hardly accepted from the social environment, since they are usually seen from the natural as something exaggerated. Similarly, individuals who suffer from this disorder have full certainty that their actions prevent and save.

Now, one of the consequences that occurs in an obsessive person is social isolation. He becomes so immersed in the thoughts that haunt , persist and feed his obsession that he ends up withdrawing from those around him. In the same way, these thoughts, attitudes and behaviors can become dangerous for the obsessive individual and for his environment. For this reason, this behavior should be taken lightly.

Types of obsession

  • Autogenous Obsession: This type of obsessive behavior is characterized by generating totally negative thoughts against the same individual. It causes damage to self-esteem and completely destroys the self-concept, this, from the unconscious. It also encourages attitudes and behaviors that are out of morality, it can cause physical harm to those around him.
  • Reactive: The individual who suffers with this type, comes to believe that their thoughts, actions and behaviors are totally real and reasonable. In the same way, he has the firmness that by sharing them he is helping to prevent a disaster or evil in those around him.
  • Loving: This is generated from the feelings you have towards another person, whether you are in a relationship with them or not. In the same way, it produces in the individual paranoid thoughts, attitudes and behaviors that are jealous, selfish and possessive, which tend to be out of place. Sometimes, it tends to get to the point of chasing, stalking, and harassing the person for whom you are obsessed.
  • For cleanliness: The individual who has this type of obsession is characterized by having a perfectionist and controlling character. Similarly, they tend to be intolerant and inflexible about the order and cleanliness of their environment. This is known as ananchastic syndrome which refers to all kinds of phobias , in this case, fear and repulsion for disorganization and dirt.
  • For food: This type of obsession can contribute to the development of other diseases such as bulimia and anorexia. The obsession with food is then known as orthorexia and it is suffered by those individuals who intend to follow a healthy lifestyle and diet. The detail in this obsession is found in the malnutrition it causes. In general, those who suffer from it do not take into account the nutritional value of food. On the contrary, it measures only the carbohydrates that it contributes or does not contribute.

Examples of other obsessions

  • Sexual obsessions
  • Religious obsessions.
  • The obsession of catastrophism.
  • Obsession to violence.
  • Obsession for the polluted environment.

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