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Examples of objective writing

Nowadays the theater is like in a second or third plane, first we have television (which makes us see and think what the owner of the chain or the director wants) and the cinema, which are stories to entertain, (many invented , others based on facts from everyday life, and others based on literary novels).
Within the theater we can find many kinds of works, dramas, humor, mimics, improvisations, monologues, musicals and as in the cinema, representations already written by some novelist.
Personally, I love the theater, but I do not stop recognizing that life, as it has been faced, does not allow us to go to the theater as much as we would like.
I see the theater more as a way of expressing himself, the actor has to convey to the public, (while telling a story) emotions and feelings and that the public can understand everything.
There are plays that the actors hardly speak, and just by the gestures or the face they put on they say much more than if they spoke.
Others, which are the ones I like the most, are the comedy ones, which show things from everyday life that happen to all of us and none of us dare to tell them.

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