Examples of obituaries


Obituaries are a type of notice or notification about the death of a person. It is also called a funeral notice and is generally published in newspapers to publicly notify both close or distant relatives, as well as acquaintances, about the death of a person.

The format used is usually with a black frame and is in the form of a short letter that includes details of the deceased such as full names, date of death and place, as well as a brief message and invites friends, family and friends. known to attend the funeral so the date and time, place and people who are in charge of communicating the death are also included.

The body of the obituary also includes symbols that represent the deceased person’s belief, there may also be the initials “QEPD ” (may he rest in peace) or RIP (Rest in peace), there may also be the title or alias of the If the person is known to exercise a profession or position, the age is also specified, the data that identifies the person is highlighted in bold and is located in the center of the message.

The obituaries currently also have a digital format so that it has been adapted over time to its dissemination through the Internet; the main objective of its publication is to have a faster and more direct interaction between the people affected by the death of the person. This also helps that all the information about the funeral and burial reaches all close friends, relatives, co-workers, acquaintances, distant relatives and so that they can send their messages of condolence either in person or by some other medium.

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