Examples of non-verbal language

Nonverbal language

It can be defined as anything that can be expressed without the use of words. They are a set of movements and gestures that can even be used unintentionally on many occasions when talking to another person; These gestures also include postures that are performed with the body , eye movements and any other gesture that can be understood and interpreted by the recipient who can deduce a state of mind.

There may be times when such gestures may reflect something contrary to what the person is saying or reinforce the statement.

This type of language has been studied for a long time. The specialist Albert Mehrabian has stated on this subject that within a conversation the verbal component is 35% and the remaining 65% corresponds to non-verbal language .

It is also important to note that gestures and postures can have a different interpretation according to the country, movements made with the head can indicate an affirmation, denial or also doubt, facial movements such as looking, frowning can be interpreted as signs of anger .

It is known that, when lying or trying to fake a state of mind , the body tends to give away through gestures and body movements, it is for this reason that a conversation with a very personal tone is always better to be resolved in person because emotions they cannot be transmitted correctly by virtual medium.

Examples of non-verbal language

  1. The way a person sits can show whether they are relaxed, worried, or nervous.
  2. The look sends clear signals of whether a person is angry, confident, confident, afraid, etcHand movements can indicate nervousness.
  3. The classic thumb up.
  4. A wink can be interpreted as a flirtation or a sign of complicity.
  5. The index finger over the mouth means silence.
  6. Shrugging your shoulders and stretching your hands are a sign of doubt or question .
  7. Aggressively moving your arms and hands can be a sign of discomfort or conflict .
  8. Frowning can be a sign of doubt or annoyance.
  9. Putting a hand to your face and covering your mouth with it may mean that you are hiding something or not saying something about a certain topic.

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