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Examples of Non-Infectious Diseases

Non-infectious diseases are defined as all those that are not caused by pathogenic microorganisms and the causes are other.

10 Examples of Non-Infectious Diseases

  1. Cancer: this is a disease with the highest mortality in the world but it is not contagious, since this disease is produced by cells when they undergo some transformation.
  2. Traumatic illnesses: this type of illness is caused by domestic, work, traffic, leisure and sports accidents.
  3. Endocrine diseases: this disease occurs when there is an excess or lack of a hormone in the body.
  4. Metabolic diseases: like endocrine diseases these also occur when hormones fail.
  5. Deficiency diseases: this disease usually occurs when there is a poor diet and the body does not receive enough vitamins to work well.
  6. Mental illnesses: this illness occurs when human beings begin to present drastic changes in behavior or some psychological alterations.
  7. Myocardial infarction: This occurs when the heart muscle is affected due to the blood supply.
  8. Osteoporosis: this type of disease affects the bone structure which is presented by a lack of bone tissue and is characterized by excessive fragility of the bones.
  9. Asthma: asthma mainly affects the airways, its main characteristic is frequent coughing.
  10. Bronchitis: This disease occurs when the bronchial tubes become inflamed.
  11. Kidney failure: this occurs when the kidneys do not have enough capacity to filter toxins and some substances that are waste from the blood.
  12. Osteoarthritis: this type of disease mainly affects the joints, mainly those of the hands, knees, hips and spine since osteoarthritis causes the loss of cartilage.
  13. Migraine: migraine is a severe headache which can occur only in the middle of the head or throughout the head.

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