Examples of NIE

When people emigrate, they must follow a series of procedures that allow them to remain legally in the host country. This means that they must apply for some permits and documents with which they can work, acquire goods and circulate freely.


The NIE or Foreigner Identity Number is one of those documents that in Spain, Argentina and other countries, is necessary to obtain various benefits as non-natural persons of those countries. It is only a number of a foreigner who has activities within the territory, however, it has nothing to do with residence; this document is a very different one that may need other more complex requirements.

The NIE is made up of one letter, seven digits and an alphabetical verification character . The letter goes to the beginning of the whole number. The NIE until July 15, 2008 will have an X as a starting point, while those issued one from the July 16, 2008 will have a Y or Z .

This document can be requested by people who are in another place, but who, for personal, work and other reasons, must regularly interact with Spain.

Examples of NIE

Examples of NIE numbers:

  • Y8237411K
  • X1837261K

  • X1333617P

  • X1234567L
  • X3201991T

Examples of documents similar to the NIE

  • NIF
  • CIF

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