Examples of newsletters

The newsletters are publications that are distributed periodically and that in general are focused on certain types of readers such as students, employees, government employees, etc. the type of reader they are addressed to is closely related to the subject of interest of the For example, newsletters can be sent by stores to their potential customers, computer stores can send their subscribing customers newsletters informing about new products or information about technology and something similar happens in the video game sector , in these cases we are referring to newsletters sent for profit.

The structure of a newsletter is not defined, there is no standard so it varies depending on who prepares and sends, newsletters can be sent via the Internet via email although it can also be done physically, that is, by sending catalogs, and even in form of propaganda and triptychs .

Examples of newsletters:

Simple internal newsletter examples:


All the workers of the collective metro system are informed that on March 6, work will be suspended at holiday hours, due to the bridge that will be made for having crossed the celebration of the worthy Benito Juárez, which will resume on Monday next on your normal schedule.

As an additional means, no tickets or card payment will be required on March 6 to be able to incentivize transfers in the collective metro system.

In the same way, they are informed that half of the operators will be able to leave half a shift earlier during the following Saturday and in compensation the rest will do so the following Sunday.

In relation to payments, these will be made in full as if they worked full days.

Director of the collective metro system of the State of Mexico

Luis Luna Lettuce

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