Examples of News

In the journalistic field , an event is a fact that gives rise to various investigations and the development of information management techniques, with which a journalist must avoid speculation, defamation or any other element unrelated to the fact, to finally transmit the information. news in the best way.

What is news?

That said, the news is a communication that is made based on a recent event that generates interest in the community and therefore is disseminated in a mass media, either at the local, national or international level.

On the other hand, we know as news the news that happens in our life or that of someone else, such as the “news” of a friend’s pregnancy.

How do you create a news item?

A news item must answer the six basic questions:

  • That? what happened.
  • Who? to whom it happened.
  • How? how it happened.
  • Where? where it happened.
  • When? when did it happen.
  • Why? Why it happened.

News example

Rescued an injured woman in El Montgó after suffering a fall with the bike 08.02.2019

A 26-year-old woman from France was rescued today by the Alicante Provincial Firefighters Consortium after being injured in the left knee due to a fall when she was doing a cycling route accompanied by a man through the Montgó area, in the region of the Marina Alta.

The woman, who is on vacation in that northern region of Alicante, suffered an incised-blunt wound in her left knee and was also dizzy after falling off her bicycle near the shooting range, sources have informed Efe. of the Consortium.

[…] The firefighters’ intervention began at 3:33 p.m., with the mobilization, by land, of the Dénia park and, by air, of the Alpha 1 rescue helicopter.

An “alien ship” is approaching Earth, says renowned Harvard professor

By El Comercio / Peru / GDA February 7, 2019

The head of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University, Abraham Loeb, has said in an interview with ‘The Whasington Post’ that an alien spacecraft is close to Earth. His statement, as expected, has generated unease in the scientific community.

“A spacecraft or part of it may be flying beyond the orbit of Jupiter, so the first extraterrestrials are already here,” the scientist told the American media, and has even calculated it with a system of complex equations.

But this is not the first time that Loeb has postulated this theory […]

Maradona and Messi fire Emiliano Sala 02/08/2019

Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi, the two greatest Argentine footballers in history, said goodbye to the late Emiliano Sala and expressed their condolences to his relatives. “I am very sorry for this sad news. Many of us kept a light of hope for you, Emiliano. I send a big hug to your family and friends, “said Maradona.

In his Instagram account, he thanked “on behalf of the Argentines the respect of colleagues and fans from all over the world. Goodbye Emiliano ». For his part, Messi sent a mourning message in his story from the same social network. «My condolences to Emiliano’s family and friends. We are with you and we send you all our strength. Rest in peace, “he said.

On Thursday it was confirmed that the body found in the plane that disappeared on Monday, January 21, over the English Channel, belonged to Sala, 28 years old.

The forward was going to join Cardiff City, Wales, from Nantes in France, but the Piper Malibu PA-46310P aircraft, piloted by David Ibbotson, a British and 60-year-old, fell into the water. At the bottom of the sea, the plane was found and, inside, the body of the Argentine player, while no traces of Ibbotson were detected yet.

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