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Examples of Negative Reinforcement

Negative reinforcement is defined as the action taken to avoid a negative result. Many people use this type of reinforcement because they think it is better to anticipate the results that a situation will have.

The aversive types of behavior usually always cause some kind of physical and psychological discomfort. The negative reinforcement is present whenever people try to escape aversive.

10 Examples of Negative Reinforcement

  1. Miguel waters the plants, (behavior) so that his mother stops repeating it (aversive stimulus) .
  2. Teresa washes the bathroom (behavior) because it smells bad (aversive stimulus) .
  3. Emily does the chores (behavior) so that her dad doesn’t send her over (aversive stimulus) .
  4. Juana took an antacid before eating (behavior) to prevent food from unpleasant (aversive stimulus) .
  5. María goes to the beach (behavior) but beforehand she puts on a lot of sunscreen to avoid burns (aversive stimulus ) .
  6. Pedro bathes the dog (behavior) before it has ticks (aversive stimulus) .
  7. Carmen bathes early (behavior) since the water goes away at 8 (aversive stimulus) .
  8. Antonio lowers the volume of the music (behavior) so that his mother stops the annoyance (aversive stimulus) .
  9. Michel cleans his room (behavior) something that pleases him but the mother demands it (aversive stimulus) .
  10. Adriana cries because she does not want to eat vegetables (behavior) and her mother takes the plate away (aversive stimulus) .

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