Examples of negative phrases in English

The negative sentences in English form writing before any verb or Does Not Do Not. Does and Do are used as an auxiliary verb, and are used in various cases, the first for singular persons He, She, It, and the second for all the others. It is important to note that in this type of sentence, if it is a case in the third person, both S and ES must be eliminated at the end of the verb.

50 Examples of negative phrases in English

25 Examples of negative phrases with contractions

  • I don’t drive to work every morning. (I don’t drive to work every morning).
  • The class doesn’t begin at nine o’clock. (Class does not start at 9).
  • They don´t know the right answer.
  • We don’t eat meat, we are vegetarian.
  • I don’t want to talk to her anymore (I don’t want to talk to her anymore).
  • She doesn´t mean anything to me.
  • It doesn´t matter who is to blame.
  • He doesn´t want to wake up that early.
  • They don´t understand the reasons.
  • We don’t want to accept your request.
  • I don’t trust what I can’t see.
  • You don’t know what you are saying.
  • I don’t see why I have to help you.
  • You don´t know us at all (you don’t know us at all).
  • We don´t run very fast.
  • They don’t workout everyday.
  • It doesn´t say if it is free or not.
  • He doesn´t do as I say (he does not do what I say).
  • We don´t know this map.
  • I don´t have a yellow car.
  • You don´t have anything to wear.
  • He doesn´t feel any pain .CE
  • She doesn´t care about your feelings.
  • They don’t want to stop messing around.
  • We don’t need you in this team (we don’t need you in the team).
  • Examples of negative phrases without contractions
  • We do not try to arrive on time. (we don’t try to be on time).
  • She does not like to sit in the sun. (she doesn’t like to sit in the sun).
  • I do not agree.
  • You do not want to start a fight with me.
  • He does not care for your authority.
  • She does not have any clue.
  • It does not have to be this way.
  • I do not owe a green bike (I do not own a green bike).
  • You do not move from there.
  • They do not know how to get there.
  • We do not have anything else to say
  • He does not go to the park every day.
  • I do not want to cross this bridge.
  • It does not look the same.
  • He does not read outloud.
  • She does not need anything from you.
  • I do not look like her.
  • We do not look like them.
  • They do not look like us.
  • He does not participate in elections.
  • She does not speak any Spanish.
  • He does not speak any German.
  • We do not want to fight you.
  • They do not run as fast as they think.
  • We do not have any option.

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