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Examples of Naturalistic works

What is Naturalism all about

Naturalism is a literary genre and an artistic movement , it was born in France in the 19th century, then it expanded worldwide as a kind of continuation deepening based on realism, as opposed to romantic idealism. Real representation of everything physical that exists. Naturalists consider that all living things and events arise from natural causes.

Likewise, naturalists are concerned with representing the reality that surrounds them , based on an objective perspective, describing through observation , every detail, even those that can be taken in bad taste for many people, with the main objective of exposing and explain human behavior.

As a consequence, as the results of naturalistic artistic, philosophical or literary works are usually considered by others as amoral, due to the fact that, in their eagerness to recreate exactly the nature and reality of the human being, the works can contain very specific and detailed of what they observe.

Naturalism is also distinguished by criticizing tyranny, social differences, as well as exalting eroticism in a vulgar way, by the lack of lyricism in literature and by striving to reflect and expose human attitudes.

Naturalism in art

In literature, naturalism is based on determinism and in order to indicate that the man that man is actually a prisoner in the conditions that he lives and develops, starting from this idea, the reality of being is deepened and detailed in detail. human.

Authors of a naturalistic nature are distinguished by pointing out in their texts the darkness and harshness of certain situations of which many people were part of issues such as, for example, alcoholism, poverty, the difference in social classes, prostitution and social, family or personal dramas.

The authors who felt identified with literary naturalism were characterized basically by expressing in their texts the pessimism and disenchantment about the reality they lived by considering that life is governed by the laws of nature.

The language used by naturalists in the field of literary works is distinguished by the use of vulgar and popular slang, as an element to impact the harshness of their descriptions and portray their way of observing reality, apart from lyricism, delicacy and romance.

Naturalism in philosophy

Philosophical naturalism is based on the fact that knowledge varies according to the interpretation of the laws of nature , for this reason for philosophical naturalists everything real is natural and they flatly reject the idea of ​​the existence of the supernatural.

In fact, some philosophists consider that nature is determined by the concept of evolution, as it is exposed in the theory of Charles Darwin. Philosophical naturalism is also linked to determinism, from which it is founded to explain that human problems are the result of their genetic origin, environment and social class.

That is, everything that happens is real and can be explained through scientific research.

Naturalism in plastic arts

Naturalism also aimed to be able to reflect reality apart from drama and idealization.

Examples of main naturalistic works

The most outstanding work of naturalism, in which his philosophy can be clearly appreciated are Le roman expérimental (1880), and Thérèse Rasquin (1867) both by Zolá.

Other works of great importance are La disinherited by Galdós, Birds without a nest by Matto de Turner, Santa by Federico Gamboa and La puchera by José María de Pereda.

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