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Examples of Motivation Letter

A motivation letter is defined as the tool used to motivate an employer to hire us. It is important that the paragraphs are short and precise.

The ideal of a motivation letter is that the impression it gives is simple and orderly, for this reason it is essential to take care of your spelling when writing this type of letter.

2 Sample Motivation Letter

  1. Luis Arévalo, first of all, greetings to the head of human resources, I would like to join this work team since I feel qualified and I have various skills to develop in any environment but especially in the area of ​​customer service.
I recently finished my job at the Las Delicias shopping center, where I worked for 10 years as Chief of Staff. During my years of work experience I learned to develop the great ability to guide and orient a group of people who were under my tutelage.

I also had the opportunity to work part-time in a clinic as a watchman where my simplicity and patience with the public helped me get up to office in less than three months.

If you are fully aware of my services, you can contact me through this telephone number. …………. Without further ado, I hope to receive an answer soon and I am fully available for an interview.

Thanks for your attention. Yours sincerely: Luis Arévalo.

  1. From: Monica Aguilar

Mexico City, January 15, 2020

Dear Dos Pinos Services Company

I’m Monica Aguilar, I just read your ad requesting a sales agent. I have finished my marketing studies at the University of Mexico and now I am looking for a job, I would like to put into practice my knowledge regarding marketing in such a prestigious company, for this reason I can perfectly join your work team .

I have experience in the area of ​​sales so I can communicate easily and at the same time establish a courteous and constructive relationship with clients, I would also like to expand my knowledge in terms of sales, I consider myself a person to learn quickly and handle a task determined.

I hope I have managed to motivate your interest in me and that my resume is to your liking. I remain attentive to your prompt response. I sincerely bid you farewell.

     Monica Aguilar

Tips for writing a Motivation Letter

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing a motivation letter and they are the following:

  • When you write a motivation letter it is that you reflect in it the positive traits that your personality has.
  • It is essential to always describe yourself as you are and not something that is not true.
  • It should be simple, you don’t have to use flashy terms to impress.
  • The tone used should be motivating and not cold or systematic.
  • To the human resources department.

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