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Examples of moral norms

Moral standards

Moral norms are a series of rules established so that each individual can differentiate between good and bad. These norms are governed by certain behaviors that develop in the personality of each subject, they are autonomous and are within the conscience of each one.

Various factors may influence such as geographical location, religious and / or spiritual beliefs, society and the teachings that are learned within the family, however there are moral norms that apply to everyone in a general way.

It is normal that in most societies, non-compliance with moral norms can be legally punished, although this is valid as long as said moral norms are linked to legal norms.

Examples of moral norms

  1. Not be liars
  2. Not taking advantage of people of good faith
  3. Be impartial
  4. Be respectful above all else
  5. Learn to be tolerant
  6. Giving the seat to elderly people and pregnant women
  7. Be honest and tolerant
  8. Help your neighbor without expecting anything in return
  9. Return something to someone that has been loaned
  10. Help the elderly
  11. Respect the opinion or thoughts of others even if they are not shared
  12. Be nice to the neighbors
  13. Be attentive and cooperative with visits
  14. Support someone in need
  15. Give back what does not belong to us
  16. Be honest when handling money that is not your own
  17. Always tell the truth above all things
  18. Reach out a helping hand
  19. Be a good person and collaborator with others
  20. Do not boast about your own achievements that others have not achieved
  21. be courteous to third parties

Another clear example of moral norms is the fact that people do not commit criminal acts or against the integrity of others not because this is going to bring them legal problems but because within themselves they know that such actions are wrong, They are wrong and it is not even necessary to know about laws to know that one should not act in such a way, they act differently because they are whole people and really good people without bad intentions.

The moral norms have things related to the legal norms and in some cases it is necessary that it should be this way because the moral norms themselves cannot be sanctioned in case of breaking them beyond the negative feeling of having done something wrong, being aware that their moral it tells them the correct way to act.

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