Examples of Monomials

The Monomials are algebraic expressions are formed by a part number and letters are called variables .

The monomials are simpler expressions their numeric portion is called coefficient and literal part is elevated to a natural exponent; on some occasions the literal part can carry out a multiplication of unknowns.

Types of Monomials:

  • Similar Monomials: they are similar when two or more monomials have a total coincidence in terms of literals and exponents.
  • Homogeneous Monomials : We call homogeneous monomials when the similarity between the monomials is a little more partial.
  • Heterogeneous monomials: in this type of monomial there is no coincidence regarding the absolute degree.
10 Examples of Monomials
  1. AB
  2. 4AB
  3. -3X
  4. XY
  5. X AND Z
  6. 2 B 2
  7. ABC
  8. 2 B 2
  9. -AB 2
  10. -4Y

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