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Examples of monologues

Monologues are a form of expression in which a person speaks in the first person and can do it for oneself or can address other people, it is a speech that can often be reflective.

Monologues are defined as the speech that an individual makes alone, in monologues people do not dialogue with another, but do so individually.

When it comes to theater o bras that refer to monologues, only one character speaks and the others act.

The purpose of monologues can be to inform , it also serves to express emotions and feelings, give an opinion on a topic and invite reflection , it can sometimes have the objective of influencing others about an idea. In these types of speeches, a response is not expected from the receiver.

The monologue is a literary resource that is used a lot in poetry, stories, theater and even in the journalistic field, the character brings out well-guarded feelings and freely many times without the decisions of the author of the narration prevailing.

7 Examples of monologues

My bible

Book of mine, book at any time and at any hour, good and friend to my heart, strong and powerful companion. You have taught me the strong beauty and the simple candor, the simple and terrible truth in short songs. My best companions, they have not been people of my time, but those that you gave me: David, Ruth, Job, Rachel and Maria. With mine, these are all my people, those who help me to love and suffer … How many times have you comforted me? As many times as I was with my face on the ground … You never tired me, like the poems of men. You are always fresh to me, just acquainted, like spring grass, and your sincerity is the only one in which I do not find folds, or concealed stains of lies. Your truthfulness scares hypocrites, and your purity is hateful to libertines.

The wise ones split you with clumsy instruments of logic to deny you. I have sat down to love you forever and feed my heart with your successes for all the days that my owner lets me look at the light. Lullaby of the peoples, eternal nurse with candor and wisdom, I need you forever. Do not leave Me. You will always be enough for me, until I fill my hungry glass for God.

Monologue with soliloquy

(Talking to oneself) Finding himself alone in the park, a father of a family starts talking to himself.

I have the bank problem, I must now pay 6,900 pesos for the safe-deposit box services, but since the cost went up from 3,000 to 6,900, now I think I should end this contract; But now comes the problem of values, because their value is very high, more than a million pesos, and having it in the safe of the house is a risk and an invitation to thieves.

Ah! What should I do?

The cost of the box is 575 per month but the charge is in a single exhibition and the expenses do not allow it.

It is a difficult decision, I will have to consult with the family, especially with my wife, who is the one who has the most values.

The enemy

Context: A Christian on the way to worship meets the devil, who also goes to church … something totally disconcerting happens.

Scene 1 (The encounter occurs on the road)

Cristiano: (Doubtful) Are you the devil? Devil: (Haughtily) Himself.

Cristiano: And what are you doing?

Devil: I’m on my way to visit a very interesting group of people.

Cristiano: And where are you going? Devil: I’m going to church.

Cristiano: (Exalted) To the Church! Diablo: Yes, I love attending worship days. The whole family gets together, people from different places go like sardines in a shack to praise their God (mockery) …

Cristiano: But since you go to church, you are fought there … What are you going to do?

Devil: I will defend my interests … or I cannot defend myself where I am being fought.

Cristiano: But how are you going to defend yourself if you are Satan.

Devil: (scoffs) How naive you are! … I have a thousand and one ways to defend myself, remember I am the “Prince of this World.”

Cristiano: So you must have some attacking strategies.

Diablo: Of course… look, for example… Sunday morning I caused a setback in the family, “any kind of thing”: the late breakfast, a missing button, a badly ironed shirt collar, a stain on the clothes … this is enough to put all those people who wanted to go to worship happy.

Cristiano: (Angry) You are really bad, how can you do this.

Devil: I am just fulfilling my nature.

Cristiano: But you can only do that before entering the Church, because within it you cannot get into anything.

Devil: (Laughs) He just listens … Once in church I make someone arrive late, a child cry, an instrument falls, someone sneezes, someone else comes in and knocks on the door when they enter, this is enough. for more than half of the Church they turned to look at who has arrived … Oh, and I almost forgot, I bring with me some “strange thoughts” that I give out there to the most distracted.

Cristiano: You are really despicable.

Diablo: Thank you, it’s a compliment to me … and if you want to love me more, I’ll tell you that when the service ends, I perform some evasive maneuvers so that some of them don’t greet each other and with that alone I have already sown the seed of resentment in their hearts.

Cristiano: Because you don’t leave us alone and instead of being in the Church you go to other places.

Diablo: So that if everything else is already under my control, the parties, the dances, I’m on TV, on the radio, in magazines, with friends, on drugs, almost everything is under my control … it’s because of That which I come to the Church is precisely the place that I do not have the domain and where I am most attacked. I only defend my interests.

Cristiano: You can do whatever you want. You can call yourself “The prince of this world”, but the one we believe in is the “KING of KINGS and Lord of Lords, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end … we trust in the one who said “I have conquered the world” and in it we are more than conquerors.

Devil: I know, I know, and that is why I have to act fast, my time is running out … today I admit you’ve won, but tomorrow will be another day, and I can assure you that I will come with even more strength to defeat you (He runs away defeated).

Cristiano: (With authority) If you want you can try a thousand times, but I will not resist you in my strength, but in those of Almighty God … you can come, but I will defeat you …

Someone offstage says: “Put on all the armor of God so that you can stand firm against the wiles of the Devil.”

The blind man from the pool of Siloam

I want to tell you what happened to me. Something very wonderful that I will never forget. My soul, my spirit, my whole being feels happy to be here, in a place where the Lord lives; so well cared for, with benches, flowers, a painting, an altar. Free from all danger, from all anguish; from all fear, in peace.

Peace that I can only find in the house of God, together with you who adorn it while sitting, listening attentively to his voice. Those that I contemplate and describe, a long time ago it was impossible for me to do it and it is because I could not see. Yes, believe it or not I was blind from birth.

I lived in the land of Jerusalem, south of it. I spent most of my time sitting down receiving the money. Being blind limited me completely; I had no solution, I had to imagine what everything around me was like, and even this was hard for me. But on one occasion, on a Sabbath day, I was sitting doing the only thing that I could do, begging for alms, I heard in the distance some footsteps approaching me. I felt something very special. Someone smeared my eyes with mud and sent me to wash in the pool of Siloam, without my knowing him, I immediately obeyed. I had heard about him, where he came from, what he announced, and the miracles he performed, but I never thought he could talk to me.

As I stopped rubbing my eyes, I felt the glory of Jehovah completely. I could see. Many of those who knew me did not believe. My parents were amazed, others were terrified, most of the Pharisees indignant with that man, they considered him bad, sinful. But what did I care what they could say or do against me, if it was I who received the sight; That is why I will never tire of praising and blessing the name of my God, and that of his Son who healed me, Jesus my Savior.

Monologue of a schoolboy

Hello, my name is Sheryl and I am an 11 year old girl who goes to school.
School, for those who are lucky enough not to know what it is, I am going to tell you about it: it is a job that children have to do from September to June, from nine in the morning to two in the afternoon, with vacations, Yes, but to get paid?… Not a penny, and we even have to take work home with us.
Professors are sure to spend their time planning what they are going to put on us. And then the older ones complain!
We children do work.
-Not? Let’s see, the older people spend their weekends resting, but… What about us? Not the kids. Why? Because sir, on top of that he sends us an extra job every weekend.
As if we don’t have something better to do!
The other day he said, “
Write a monologue.”
– A monkey what …? Does that word exist?
I even had to look it up in the dictionary!
But why do I have to write it if I speak alone when I want to? But is it that the gentleman does not know that weekends are to rest?
“Yes, yes, you have time,” she says with a smile.
-And a ham !.
Ten math exercises, six language exercises, five cone exercises, English control, reviewing the tables, spelling, studying cone, verbs, maps, the mural for the extra point…. of course we do … we have plenty of time, it
will be eight hours to sleep! ……
Please, that when we go to class I carry more than forty-five kilos in my backpack and my father when he works he only carries a tortilla in the tuperware.
So I propose that children contribute from the age of three. And it is forbidden to send homework on weekends, holidays and vacations.
Author: Sherifat Olakunle

  1. Hi, I’m Emily, an 11-year-old girl who goes to school; I have a presentation for Mother’s Day which, through a democratic selection, my teacher made some papers and I was the one who was selected. My classmates will do the choreography while I recite a beautiful story for the mothers.
  2. Maid, you will no longer take off your shoes behind the front door, (there the friends will enter crying for the loss of the maid) There is a friend of mine, you will no longer be with us or eat those ice creams that you liked so much)

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