Examples of monographs


monograph is defined as the type of written work where a unique description is made on a certain topic.

The main objective of the monograph is to report on a general topic, be it scientific or journalistic. The monographs are written under the norm that specifies the presentation of academic texts.

These are written documents which are prepared after in-depth research on a particular topic. This elaboration is done in a methodical way and in general respecting certain elements and structure that are usually had in this type of work. The main function of these documents is to report on a matter which can be of any subject such as scientific, journalistic and others that may be of general interest.

The monograph is considered a tool of great importance in education and it is for this reason that it is closely related to university and school work and is where more examples can be found, however, it is not something limiting since a monograph can be found in any other area such as work.


  • For the elaboration of this work, a series of guidelines is followed which begin with:
  • choose a topic
  • approach to the structure of each element such as the objectives,
  • the points that will be addressed within the study
  • the methods to use
  • the analysis and sources to be used
  • the use of an eraser
  • the review prior to the publication of the work.


They can be classified into two types:

  • Free monographs : are those that are prepared following a free form analysis and writing , especially under the criteria of the person who carries out the work,
  • the APA : in this second case, a methodology already formulated by the American Psychological Association must be followed, which already proposes a structure which in order must begin with the title page, dedication, summary, index, introduction, development, conclusion and source,

5 Monograph Examples

  1. Monograph on drug use . Doctor Magaly Prada.
  2. How to implement a new model to improve outpatient medical care “los ruices” . Pablo Mendez.
  3. Improve school coexistence in a fun way . Yorly Zambrano.
  4. Implement a better air quality for your municipality with the planting of trees. Luz Álvarez, Pablo Duran.
  5. Preschool care model. Contributions from the practice in the community simoncitos. Professor Anais Machado.
  6. Monograph: environmental contamination of the Los Palmares village due to the extraction of limestone . Students of the 9 semester of environmental education.
  7. “Contribution of the slogan ‘firm hand, big heart’ to the victory of the political campaign for the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia by Álvaro Uribe Vélez in 2002” . Andrés Felipe Rangel Gómez
  8. “Study for the implementation of cultural tourist attractions in the Barranco de Cuenca” . Viviana Ramón Auquilla
  9. “Radiographic interpretation of pulp diseases in deciduous and permanent teeth” . Mautino Chang-Navarro
  10. ” Hydraulic design of a rapid for the project: construction of the main channel of Fortaleza, Congas district, Ocros province, Ancash Region . ” Palomino Bendezú, Julio

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