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Examples of Minority Groups

minority are a group of people who are in different parts of a society . Regardless of the country where you are, these kinds of minorities appear, which as such are very rare and cannot be considered as groups of society. That is why we have decided to talk about the  examples of minority groups so that thanks to this, you understand the main concept of these groups.

Examples of minority groups around the world

They are groups that are present in different cultures , they can be named as ethnic groups, this group is formed from a group, subgroup and finally the appearance of these people. There are many views on  minority groups , in addition to the diversity that exists among each one. All society contains these groups, most of them are in established demographic points and their language is different or they have knowledge of a language of that culture.

Indigenous Groups:   They are a group of minority people who have their own language and even beliefs. They are found in different parts of the world and each one is characterized differently.

Gypsies:  It is also a group of people who are minorities in different regions of Europe, America, among others.

Religious groups:  Although some place them as sects, the reality is that there are some religious groups that are called minority.

Women:  Although we are in a time where everything is advancing, machismo in some countries predominates and women are discriminated against, considering them a minority group.

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