Examples of Mines

All the mineral that can be found in the bowels of the Earth does not have a value in general, however, after several processes it becomes a marketable product and everything is based on large investments and extraction works for the respective improvement, which is precisely what the mining industry does . This time we will introduce you to some examples of mines , so that you have a clearer idea about it.

Examples of mines

Mining is one of the largest industries in the world and much of the economic support of a country is concentrated in mining. As we mentioned earlier, mining is responsible for extracting a material without any value, and then giving it a high value through various processes. Next, I will show you the examples:

The Socavón mines : these are usually built in tunnels or galleries that are usually located on the slopes of large hills and mountains, with the sole purpose of finding the minerals they have in their entrails.

The open pit mines : this type of mine is characterized by not tunneling, since the minerals are usually on the surface of the mountains and hills, since only by requiring the removal of upper layers can they be extracted. In the world there are many mines of this type, many of them are still being exploited, even after 11 years of mineral extraction.

The Aluvional mines : these are usually located in the riverbeds where you can find a lot of mineral material, especially gold. This type of mining usually exploits a place considerably and in the worst cases causes contamination in the geographical environment. There are many places where this type of mining is practiced and, in general, they are not carried out legally.

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