Examples of metropolis


The origin of the word metropolis comes from the word metropŏlis , with Latin and Greek roots. This term is used in order to mention or speak about a big city or a main city.

Metropolis is a term that can have more than one interpretation; It can be used to refer to the main city of a country or the one that is most important due to its economic, political or social movement. Also due to its geographical extension, a metropolis can be the capital of a country or a province and that can extend its influences to neighboring towns.


  • it is considered the most important city in a country
  • the largest amount of culture, administration and economy is concentrated in it
  • its number of inhabitants is high
  • it is considered the center of international connections of a country
  • they are also known by global cities
  • the development of this city is more noticeable than the rest of the cities in the country

Examples of metropolis

  1. Buenos Aires
  2. Moscow
  3. London
  4. Sao Paulo
  5. Mexico City
  6. Barcelona
  7. Sidney
  8. Paris
  9. Shanghai
  10. Dubai
  11. Mumbai
  12. Tokyo
  13. Seoul
  14. Jakarta
  15. New York

The most common use of the word metropolis is to refer to the cities that have a greater impact on a cultural and economic level and which in turn turns out to be the point at which there is the greatest amount of relationships at an international level that can originate mainly for trade. They are known in the same way for being the headquarters of the main political organizations or political groups where government authorities make the most relevant decisions in the country.

The origin of the term metropolis comes from ancient Greece, since at that time it was considered that if a city had colonies within its political territory, said city was called colonial metropolis and this word can also be used to indicate colonial powers in Europe . Another valid use of this term is to refer to the metropolitan area of ​​a country and that its districts and localities work together.

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