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Examples of Methodology

Methodology is defined as the group of procedures that are used to achieve a goal, so this technique can be used for several areas.

The methodology in other words are the steps that must be taken when conducting an investigation since an investigation cannot be done without first carrying out the steps that will be taken to execute it.

25 Methodology Examples

  1. Experiment method.
  2. Classification method.
  3. Conclusion method.
  4. Observational.
  5. Subjective
  6. Static
  7. objective
  8. Deduction
  9. Analysis
  10. Historical
  11. Dialectical
  12. Triangulation method.
  13. Systematic.
  14. To carry out a good methodology, the following tools can be applied: interviews, survey, observation and signing.
  15. In a research work, the methodology will be chapter 3:

To carry out the following thesis research work, the main objective of which is to explain what the concept of a leader is socially and identify their competencies in order to compare them with the methodology that Yuster has on this topic.

  1. Next, the steps that were carried out for said investigation will be explained:
  2. research problems.
  3. the objectives that are sought with the investigation.
  4. the type of investigation.
  5. data sources.
  6. The research design.
  7. data selection.
  8. selection of samples.
  9. analysis of data.
  10. presentation of the results.
  11. The methodology chapter describes the research design which will be used to obtain the information that is needed to achieve the proposed objectives.
  • the research idea.
  • the research problem.
  • kind of investigation.
  • Design of the investigation.
  • data sources.
  • sample selection.
  • data collection.
  • the collection instrument.
  • the preparation of the report of the results.
  • Methodology of how to carry out the ducking of the waters so that the lower area of ​​the town does not have so many problems at the time of heavy rains.

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