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Examples of Metaphysics

Metaphysics is defined as the area of ​​philosophy which is centered on being. So metaphysics has as its main objective the study of the immaterial.

As metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that is responsible for studying the central problems of the thought of being as such, it seeks to describe the properties and foundations of reality as its meaning and purpose.

5 Examples of Metaphysics

  1. To heal any disease: this can be done through thought, it is only necessary to make a connection between body and mind where the thought must outright deny any type of pain.
  2. When you want to isolate the fears, it is very simple you just have to isolate and deny the fear, only with the name of GOD can you remove any fear that haunts your life.
  3. To overcome sadness, the ideal is to use the terms of denial, it is best to repeat as many times as necessary that you are not going to allow sadness to invade your body and even GOD is authorized to not allow it to enter.
  4. For material things to get the goods you want, you just have to ask for light and the perfect tools to be able to obtain them, ask for prosperity and abundance for your life.
  5. Spiritual when this type of request is made, it must be done to obtain peace and internal harmony so that in this way our body and mind can be in total tranquility. The energy is used to let go and let go of all kinds of worries that can often make the body sick. At other times it just closes the way to achieve the objectives.
  6. To feed daily life since metaphysics is the healing tool for any problem that arises, people always want to feel good both physically and spiritually for this they must always channel positive forces.

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