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Examples of mental hygiene

Mental hygiene

Mental hygiene is defined as the set of mechanisms and activities that allow each person to maintain emotional stability according to their social environment; These tools have the function of preventing any type of alteration in the individual’s emotions and also of correcting those aspects that may be affecting behavior at a mental, emotional and social level.

The mental health also implies the practice of habits that allow the person to cope with daily tasks and the negative parts that entails such as stress, anxiety, overwork and finding suitable solutions for each of these activities, not only in the workplace but also in studies, interaction with friends, colleagues and all activities carried out within a society. For that reason it is that within a community the health of the same also influences a lot, as it is one of the factors that will allow the individual to remain emotionally stable.

Like personal hygiene in terms of physical appearance, the idea is basically the same, because to avoid emotional problems that can affect the mind and its stability, there are basic habits that human beings need to practice in their daily life to maintain stability. emotional, otherwise there may be negative repercussions.

These repercussions can be determined in the following way, through:

  • frustration
  • the fits of anger
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • annoyance
  • physical and emotional discomfort
  • depression

Examples of mental hygiene

  1. The self steem
  2. Positive thinking and attitude
  3. Proper rest
  4. Selective attention
  5. Daily productivity count
  6. Learning from past mistakes
  7. Positive assessment of oneself and others
  8. Satisfaction of basic needs such as eating, sleeping, relationships and friendship
  9. Physical activity, sports
  10. Personal development
  11. Physical and mental exercises
  12. cognitive development
  13. personal growth
  14. Walks
  15. Outings alone or with friends

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