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Examples of Menstruation

The  menstruation or popurlamente known as  “rule” is a natural process in all women, each month have bleeding in your intimate area. This is because her egg has not been fertilized, so it is discarded. From approximately 8 years of age, women have to go through this process up to in some cases the 55 to 60 years. There are different types of periods and for that reason, we have given ourselves the task of talking about the  examples of menstruation and learn more about this important process in the life of a woman.

Examples of female menstruation

There are different  types of menstruation that can determine the beginning of this process or also identify that you have a problem, where you have to go to a gynecologist. The  tonality of the blood is very important that you can recognize in what type of menstruation you are passing.

Dysmenorrhea:  It is one of the most common types of menstruation. It generally occurs in women during their first menstruation and if it persists, they will have severe pain and cramps in the belly area.

Primary dysmenorrhea: It  also presents with constant menstrual cramps and a medium blood flow. Uterine contractions are constant and annoying.

Secondary dysmenorrhea:  Menstruation appears days after the days when bleeding usually begins. Something to note is that you have constant cramps and pains in the belly area.

Aminorrhea: This  is a disease that happens at different times in menstrual cycles. Basically it is the absence of bleeding during these days, it can last from a single occasion or for several months. There are cases where bleeding appears for a couple of days or the amount of blood is minimal.

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