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Examples of Meditation

It is likely that on some occasion you will hear the word  meditation and it is that this has always been related to the culture of the East, mainly by the Hindu, Japanese and Chinese cultures. As the years have passed, this ancient art has spread to the whole world (practically) and many people practice it to control their stress and health problems and also to calm their mind.
The  meditation is understood as  “a technique where a person tries to calm your mind based on breathing techniques or observation.” There are different types of  meditation techniques that complement each other in different ways, of course some cultures and religions have adapted a style to this technique, but as we said before you do not need to have a belief to practice it.

Types of meditation

  • Zen Meditation:  Nowadays it is one of the most popular and used techniques, the concept of this method is to try to concentrate on the void and this is done through a series of breaths that will help to calm your mind until no thought occurs. surround, all based on the concentration you put on the breathing you practice.
  • Vipassana Meditation:  Another of the best known in the West and which has been a success, they are based on breathing, but also on everything that surrounds you, allowing thoughts to enter but being present and having the opportunity not to get caught in what you are thinking.
  • Transcendental Meditation: This  is the technique that became very popular on all continents in the 70s, it is based on the recitation of mantras that are words that are assigned to each person so that when repeating it for 107 times, it helps to find tranquility and control of your energy by reciting it.
  • Tonglen Meditation:  It is one of the best known Buddhist meditations that is based on learning to put the negative aside, not cling to things and learn to have greater emotional, physical and spiritual freedom over a society or material goods that surround us.

Examples of meditation

  1. Empty the mind. Blank the mind for a few minutes through the inhalation and exhalation for 15 minutes.
  2. Count the numbers from front to back. It is a practical way to be able to meditate. This technique seeks to relax the body, leave it extended and start counting from a high number to zero.
  3. Mentally remember each of the parts of the body and review them silently in order to relax and be still. You can be lying flat or sitting, the important thing is that you are in a comfortable position.
  4. Breathing slowly for about 15 to 30 seconds and while you think about breathing, your mind is blank. After you breathe, start planning your day.
  5. Observe your mind. Stand still and watch what is being thought. The idea is to be an observer of the mind to be able to empty it and think about positive things.
  6. Observe nature. Through this simple meditation exercise the person gets in touch with nature and clears his mind.
  7. Focus on what you want. This is one of the practical and effective meditation models to be able to project yourself. It’s about relaxing and starting to think about what you really want, acting like you already have it.
  8. Meditation with fire. It is a type of meditation where you focus on a certain point. The aim is to focus all attention on the firelight and empty the mind.
  9. Another type of meditation is with water. While bathing or in a pool the body relaxes completely and blanks out.
  10. Try to leave the mind blank and every thought, put it on a mental canvas. This allows the person to relax and focus on a single point.

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