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Examples of Medical Report

A medical report is defined as a document that is made in a summarized way about the time that the patient was receiving medical attention within the hospital center.

In order to write the medical report, a relative of the patient must pass a signed application to begin the process. In this way, the file will be filled with the date the patient is admitted and in this way a control will be kept of the reason why he was admitted and what type of medicine should be given to him during his days of hospitalization.

15 Examples of Medical Report

  1. Patient’s first and last name: Orlando Mora.
  2. Date of birth: 19 11 1978.
  3. ID number: 14324567.
  4. Age: 41 years.
  5. Type of disease: chronic cough presenting a picture of pneumonia.
  6. Date of admission: 12 10 2019.
  7. Complications related to the disease: shortness of breath and continuous fever.
  8. Usual treatment: antibiotic through the route to control the infection.
  9. The patient needs to receive therapies to relieve the airways.
  10. Doctor’s name: Maritza Gómez.
  11. Phone number.
  12. Firm
  13. Healthcare center “la trinidad”

Medical report.

Today 2 3 2019 at 10 15 minutes in the morning, the 10-year-old girl Laura Sánchez was admitted to this hospital with severe pain in the abdominal part. Carrying out the corresponding tests, it was found that the minor has a picture of viral hepatitis. Reason for which she was detained.

  1. All medical reports should reflect the types of medication being given to patients so when the nurses change shifts they are aware of everything about the patients.
  2. Medical reports must be submitted to the administration at the time of discharge to the patient to be able to make the invoice for the days that the patient was receiving care, this is done in private centers.

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