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Examples of Medical Claim

medical claim is defined as the type of claim that some people make when there is medical malpractice. These can be done before the administration of the clinical hospital or before the courts depending on the severity of the case.

The objective of a claim is to enforce the rights that patients have when they pay a large sum of money to receive the best possible care.

10 Examples of Medical Claim

  1. When the patient is not properly supported on the stretcher or on the operating table.
  2. When entering the operating room and not having the patient’s nerves under control and letting it get altered.
  3. When doctors discover a serious illness in the patient and do not make it known to him or his family.
  4. By leaving patients alone for doctors and nurses joining a strike.
  5. When at the time of an emergency the doctor handling the case does not appear.
  6. By changing treatment without first notifying your family members.
  7. When a patient who still deserves to be under medical supervision is discharged.
  8. When a doctor does not order a biopsy if there is suspicion of cancer.
  9. If a doctor refuses to treat a patient in an emergency because he is not on duty.
  10. When a patient comes in critical condition and the doctor intends to transfer him without first giving him the first attention.
  11. The doctor withdraws from the health center leaving the patient in poor condition and does not wait for his other colleague to arrive.
  12. When in an operation they leave an instrument inside the patient’s body and not realize it, that is negligence.
  13. By performing an operation on a patient without first doing post-operative exams.
  14. By performing an unauthorized abortion and causing death to the patient.

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