Examples of Master’s Thesis

In such a competitive career field, sticking with an undergraduate degree alone is a huge mistake. Although it may be enough to find a good job, we will have a better chance of achieving success as professionals if we do complementary studies, such as a master’s degree.

master ‘s degree is a postgraduate study that is carried out to acquire additional knowledge to what has already been achieved during the university career. It has a maximum duration of two years and can be carried out in university institutes or public / private universities.

In order to obtain a master’s degree, we must present a final work, just as we did in undergraduate. This work is known as Master’s Final Project (TFM) .

What is the Master’s Final Project?

It is one of the requirements that must be presented to obtain the graduate degree that has been studied. It is a research project whose end must be written down and defended by the student involved in order to demonstrate the knowledge acquired during the classes.

The master’s thesis must reflect innovation, skill, advanced knowledge, deep research and a myriad of characteristics that denote the ability of the graduate.

Results of a master’s thesis

What is expected of a master’s thesis are very specific things. Regardless of which postgraduate degree has been chosen, they will all have the same results:

  • Know how to evaluate and choose the ideal scientific theory and the precise methodologies to reach conclusions, mixing issues such as social responsibility and ethics as part of the solutions proposed.
  • Know what can happen during difficult situations through innovative methodologies known during the master.
  • Knowing how to transmit the results of scientific research projects and the fundamentals that support them.
  • Be able to participate as an independent professional in research projects.
  • Being able to acquire responsibilities in research projects or in specific jobs in the labor field to which you now belong.

Examples of final master’s projects

Faculty: Journalism and Communication Sciences

University: Autonomous University of Barcelona

Author: Xin Shen

Country Spain

Spanish Language

TFM – Example: “Title: Interaction between intercultural communication and idiomatic didactics (Spaniards learning the Chinese language) in Barcelona”

Faculty: Translation and Language Sciences

University: Pompeu Fabra University

Author: Julio M. Romero

Country Spain

English language

TFM – Example: “An LFG analysis of Swedish double definiteness expressions”

Faculty: Biology

University: Autonomous University of Madrid

Author: Fionn Ruarí Rodgers

Country Spain

Spanish Language

TFM – Example: “The paleodemography of the Iberian Peninsula”

Faculty: Tourism

University: University of Girona

Author: Oriol Abulí

Country Spain

Catalan language

TFM – Example: “Post in value and creation of tourist product: Girona antiaeris refuge”

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