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Examples of Maslow’s Pyramid

The Maslow pyramid is a motivation theory that explains the behavior of human beings. This pyramid has five levels through which you can see from the low level to the higher needs.

In this pyramid, the behavior of individuals can be appreciated according to their needs. Since not all human beings have the same ambitions, but the same needs.

5 Examples of Maslow’s Pyramid

  1. Physiology: it is the part that all human beings need such as breathing, food, rest, sex. It is the first thing that all living things need.
  2. Security: it is based on the part of physical, moral, family security, of private property. Feeling safe sleeping under a roof
  3. Affiliation: it is the part where human beings need friendship, affection, sexual intimacy. It is important to know how to choose friends to have an excellent relationship.
  4. Recognition: here is trust, respect and success. Achieving goals is very important.
  5. Self-realization: it is creativity, spontaneity, and how human beings must accept to solve problems. After going through the previous steps it will be easier to undertake new goals.

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