Examples of marketing mix

Marketing mix

This type of marketing implemented in many projects is a strategy that contains and develops all types of companies for the analysis of different internal aspects in order to improve each aspect related to the price of products or services, their distribution and promotion.

Mainly its objective is focused on fully knowing the situation of the company or association to direct its positioning with posterity in these four points or four “Pes”: Products, prices, Place and Promotion.


It is based on what you are promoting, product, service or content? This “P” indicates how the needs of your customers will be met. Taking into account that the greater value that is generated for the client, the easier it will be to sell or attract users.


It is a variable of great importance when it comes to being competitive in the market. Before defining a price, you must understand how much the customer is willing to pay, the prices of the competition and the cost within the company or association to be able to sell.


This P is aimed at finding the best distribution channels . If the market and the end user are already known, it will be easier to identify the points that your potential user reviews and thus be located there so that it is accessible to the end consumer.


This section contains all those activities carried out by the team with the goal of promoting the product or service, promoting it to the public. The objectives can vary incredibly but will always fall on the communication channels.

The success of the Marketing mix is based on the fact that these four principles are consistent with each other. The client must be thoroughly analyzed to cover all the points of need of this and in this way generate a mix that meets the needs of both the client and the company.

Marketing Mix Examples

  1. Uber

Product: You might think that Uber’s product / service is its applications created in compatibility with Android and IOS. But your product must be visualized from the point of view of the solutions it provides, Uber offers trips from point A to point B quickly, easily and safely to its customers.

Price: Their prices vary between kilometer traveled, minute traveled and minimum rate depending on the city.

Plaza: This company commonly provides services in the main cities of the world. Taking the case of Mexico, we could name all the cities in which it is currently located. Eg Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, etc.

Promotion: They have referral programs, Blogposts in major media, promotions to get free trips, Facebook ads, famous brand ambassadors, important alliances with influencers to maximize reach in the middle of social networks.

  1. Toothpaste

Product: 450 ml toothpaste.

Price: $ 10

Plaza: Supermarkets, Distributors.

Promotion: TV, radio and internet.

  1. Sports magazine

Product: ESPN Sports Magazine.

Price: 3.5 $

Plaza: bookstores and minimarkets.

Promotion: Internet, TV and radio.

  1. White wine

Product: White Wine 850 ml.

Price: $ 15

Plaza: Liquor stores, markets and beer warehouses.

Promotion: Television, radio, Social networks.

  1. Coffee

Product: coffee beans

Price: $ 10

Plaza: markets, cafeteria, bakeries, pastry shops, restaurants.

Promotion: television, radio, social networks.

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