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Definition of man

The word man is a term that is used to develop diverse perspectives. In this sense, it can be used to describe hominids or a male specimen or from a broader perspective, the term man is used to refer to the human race.

However, it is important to note that this term is being used as it expresses a sexist or discriminatory inclination. That is why its use only implies the reference of the masculine gender, also expressed as male or human male from the point of view of biology.


It is important to note that man, as a human being, has distinctive qualities of the female sex , among them we can find testosterones, considered a unique and distinctive male hormone androgenic nature that allows the characteristic development of the male musculature without the need for do great physical activity.

Another of the characteristic elements of men is their reproductive system. This reproductive system allows it to fertilize the eggs that the female reproductive system expels and in this way transmit the genetic data necessary to create life through the sperm cell.

A main element to note is that the male reproductive organ is external while the female reproductive system is internal. In this same order of ideas, he characterizes his voice, its serious tone compared to women, hair growth in the facial area, baldness and more resistant skin, among others.

It is important to note that according to studies carried out, the life expectancy of men is always lower compared to women, so their life expectancy is usually seven (07) years longer than that of men.

Historical evolution

Previously, the role that the man had within the nucleus or family cell was a fundamental role, since he was the head of the household, in charge of supporting the family while the wife was in charge of solving and taking care of things of the home and maintain order in the family.

At present, history has taken a 360 degree turn, since the man is no longer fully in charge of covering the economic responsibilities of the family, he has even gotten to invest, the woman working and taking care of the family the man. In this sense, the concept of family has already changed a lot since this concept was expanded. In this sense, a family can be made up of a single member, that is, a man or woman as the head of the family, a couple, two men, two women.

In the ideal society, it is very likely that the concept of family could include heterogeneous forms, groups of people who are united by something precise, not necessarily blood ties, as occurs in nature in populations of living beings , like the packs in the wolves for example. That is why it is not of concern if this family conception continues to change over time.

Examples of the use of the word man in sentences

  1. Many claim that the dog is man’s best friend.
  2. The human race has been destroying the planet because of the hand of man.
  3. Men are one of the fundamental pillars in the construction of the family.
  4. Man has been evolving during all these years on earth.
  5. The intelligence and development of humanity is thanks to the hand of man.
  6. God disposes and man only fits his designs.
  7. For many years, the man has been seen as a fundamental father figure within the family nucleus.
  8. Between men there is a question of honor.
  9. During the way, the silhouette of a man was perceived in the distance in the shadows.
  10. Because it is men who must help their family at home.

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