Examples of loyalty


Loyalty is a quality of the human being and that evokes a feeling of respect and fidelity towards others, it can be towards a person , an animal, a group of people, entities, organizations and even their own principles, ideas and ways of thinking. The word comes from the Latin “legalis” which means respect for the law. This virtue implies a committed behavior regardless of the situation, even in unfavorable circumstances is when the value of loyalty can be most distinguished in people.

The moral values greatly influence loyalty since these values serve as the basis for developing this virtue; a loyal person never turns his back on his friend, family member or partner, it is the same in other aspects of his life such as work and in other activities such as sports.

A loyal person also has nobility, has an honest and honest attitude, things that also allow for much stronger and lasting friendship relationships, inspires trust and is also respected by people.

The opposite of loyalty is treason; A disloyal person does not keep his word and usually acts contrary to what is expected, he usually cheats on his friends and with his partner he can incur infidelity. At present , animals can also be considered loyal, such as pets that are loving with their owners and with other animals, such as those cases in which dogs have protected their peers and their masters, cats that rescue their young in situations the dangerous.

Examples of loyalty

  1. A dog protecting a baby from a stranger
  2. An athlete helping an injured opponent to reach the goal
  3. A loyal person instead of criticizing a partner, talks to him and helps him overcome his weaknesses
  4. A worker strives to complete a joint work with his colleagues
  5. A patriot who seeks to move his country forward instead of complaining
  6. One person helping another weaker rather than taking advantage of it
  7. A worker who carries out his work with dedication and passion for his own vocation and for the company
  8. A person who hears someone speak ill of a friend or acquaintance and defends him.
  9. Defending someone who is in trouble for no reason
  10. Person who does not abandon his best friend through thick and thin.

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