Examples of low self-esteem

Self- esteem is classified as one of the most important characteristics to maintain a positive lifestyle, under attitudes that drive us to improve the essence of who we are and what we want to be in the medium or long term. However, sometimes we find people who, even having the tools to promote their work, their  feelings or ideals focus on thoughts or attitudes that are alien to a balanced emotional stability.

Examples of low self-esteem

Low self-esteem or negative self-esteem corresponds to all those attitudes that human beings adopt and that do not allow them to develop in the different areas of social life. The dangerousness of this type of behavior can even lead to death by suicide of the affected person. Among the characteristics of this pathology we find:

    • They are people with very low moods.
    • They are not integrated into the activities of society .
    • They are subjects exposed to the fear of what they will say, especially if it is about their physical appearance.
    • They tend to isolate themselves for fear of rejection, they do not maintain interpersonal relationships.
  • They feel unable to comply with assigned activities.
  • They are lonely people who despise or humiliate themselves.
  • They are depressive subjects with negative attitudes.
  • They have anxiety disorder .
  • They need someone else to approve the action you are going to take.
  • Sometimes they take responsibility for everything that happens in their environment.

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