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Examples of Love

“Love is in the air”, if you have ever heard this it is because you know that this is one of themost special feelings that exist. Well, I have to tell you that many people believe that this feeling is only for the choice of a partner, but this is false.

There are a wide variety of options when the word love  is related Do you want to know more?  Today we have decided to bring a special way for you to realize the  examples of love that have come out and that you may feel this feeling for one or more people who are special to you.

We can define love as: “The feeling you have for one or more people with whom you want to share life.”

This would be the most general concept that is used. Yes, there are other definitions that focus more on love relationships, that is why we seek to understand it from a general aspect.

Examples of Love

  1. Love of a child: Yes, the woman who gave us life. We all love the person who supports us at all times and that feeling he has for us is unconditional. Only women who have lived this experience can share this affection.
  2. Couple love: Couple relationships are something that all of us want to find. Being with a man or woman to share stories, new adventures and more by their side, is something for which finding that  better  half” stands out.
  3. Love of pets:  Dog, cat, fish or other pet that you have, you can also express all your affection towards those beings that are by your side unconditionally. The love that pets have for you is something unconditional and unique.
  4. Material love:  This may be the least mentioned kind of love, but many people come to have so much love for a material object that it is something indescribable. For example, many people take care of their car as if it were their own child.
  5. Self-love: This should be the most important kind of love, what is sought is that at all times you worry and take care of yourself, always maintaining respect and affection towards you.
  6. Love to parents
  7. Grandparents love
  8. Love a friend
  9. Love to a friend
  10. Love of an object or mobile
  11. Love for life
  12. Love for the homeland
  13. Love of nature
  14. Love to your house

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