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Examples of love letters

Love letters

Love is a feeling that can be reflected in many ways. This feeling can be felt by any type of person, it can be friends, family, husband, partner, uncles, cousins, among others.

An expression of love will always be a form of demonstration of affection and through the written form many things can be said. A love letter , for example, can be a dedication to a mother or father or a declaration of love to a person.

In this space we will show you the different forms of love letter that you can take as an example when making your own letter

Examples of love letters

    1. “I can’t even explain what you make me think and feel; I have realized that this love is great, so much so that it is truly inexplicable to me.

From the day you appeared in my life, you have been putting your soul and your being little by little in my heart, to the point that now it is completely yours and each beat carries your being with it.

With the passage of time, you were stealing my thoughts and now you are the only thing that haunts my head and my inner self, because even in my deepest dreams I have you present.

I have no idea what happened, but you took over my love and made me feel such great things that not even the broadest letter or expression of love could contain them.

Because what I appreciate for you has no definition, and it is that agitation can more than reason.

I love you.”

  1. “I’m in love with everything in you, your mouth, your eyes and the sound of your voice, which makes my membrane bristle when you murmur in my ear those two signs that I like so much:” I love you. “

And there is not an individual in this universe who can match you, because not only are you handsome, but you also have a golden spirit that makes me conquer you more and more every day, and makes me dream of being yours for the rest of me. existence.

I declare it, I am in love, and I am not shy or sorry or accept it, because there is no reason to feel shy when it comes to showing love, which is such a pure and divine impression that everything in the universe should be impregnated with it. As is my soul, which knew that intense shock the moment it found you.

I love you my love.”

  1. “Everything in my existence makes sense when I wake up and you are at my point, because seeing that brightness in your sight is like a miracle that pierces my spirit and fills my whole being with light.

Now I understand that, more than my spouse, you are a consecration that heaven has allowed me to make my days more beautiful and consent to know the true sign of what it is to love.

Because by your side I know what well-being is and there is nothing I want more than to doze every night with you between my laps and wake up having you next to me. “

  1. “My days are happy because you are in them and you don’t know how grateful I am to destiny, for having crossed our path and giving us the opportunity to unite as husband and wife.

To tell you the truth, I never guessed that I was married and forming a family, because I thought that love was not for me. However, since you reached my life, and you changed and with me everything that I once believed changed and you instructed me that everything is more beautiful when there is authentic love.

Therefore, I thank the cosmos for having reunited us and I only ask that your love never miss me, because there is no other reason for my well-being than to have your kisses, your hugs and hearing me say “I love you”, every night before doze off and every morning when moving.

My days are opportune because you are in them and I only beg for that happiness to last me for all immortality. “

  1. “Today is our first contiguous anniversary as husband and wife, and you do not know how happy I am to see that this is only the original of the many anniversaries that we will commend united in love.

All my life I wanted to have an amazing woman by my side, with whom I could accompany each of my dreams and see that they were consummated. It was then that you emerged and, with just one look, you ended up stripping my heart, that which has been yours since that time and which will remain so until the end of my days.

I take this congruence to grant you this letter and let you know how fortunate I feel to have joined my life with yours, because great happiness has crept into my life since I have the luck that you are mine.

Thank you for this first anniversary, my dear, and for making me the happiest man in the world.

I love you with all my heart.”

  1. “I want to tell you how my heart feels. When you speak to me and I feel your gaze on me, I cannot silence this wonderful feeling that you have made me grow since the day I saw you for the first time.

I want to tell you that I am madly in love and that, without thinking about it, you became my reason for living, that unique reason why I wake up every morning with a smile on my face and with a great attitude to go out and be able to with the world.

And it is that you have become unfailing for me and I can no longer find ways to hide what I carry inside. That is why I am writing you this love letter and I express my wishes to be with you, to show you how much I love you and how happy you can become with me, if you decide to stay by my side one day. “

  1. Dear…

If you give me the opportunity to enter your life, I give you my word that I will make you happy every day, and that everything you want will be for me an order that I must execute, because you will have become my eternal devotion.

If you give me the opportunity to have your kisses, I assure you that I will fulfill each of your wishes and I will put heaven at your feet.

If you give me the proportion of being by your side, I guarantee that you will have me surrendered to you like a man in love, whose only desire will be to see you happy and make you happy, even if it costs him his life.

Just give me the opportunity to conquer your heart to give you everything you once dreamed of and make you feel what you always wanted. “

  1. Quiet here and pondering how you have made my life superior, I could never begin to tell you what your love means to me. You have confirmed to me countless times how you are interested and how you believe in me, how you have given me the strength to give up something that has taken over my life for a long time, without you, I don’t think I can continue my chimeras, much less have someone like you to stand by my side.

I know I tell you the extraordinary all the time and without a doubt, you are an amazing woman; There is nothing that I believe that you cannot do. The way you make me conceive is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I know that I am a very restless soul and I am pretending to do the right thing, but the more time I spend with you and the more time we talk and form things together, I realize that this is our procedure.

This is how our path is supposed to go on forever, and sometimes I know it’s hard for us to wrestle with, but in the end, we will be more energetic and competent to deal with just about anything that gets in our way … we miss The hard part, Babe, now all we have is the downhill side.

You have brought out a part in me that I stored a long time ago and wondered that I could never find again. You make everything so simple and easy so that I can unhook myself and with you in my life I no longer need to hide that part of me. What you make me appreciate for you is nothing less than superior happiness. You are in my inclinations, my chimeras, my pretensions, but above all my soul!

  1. “I never thought that I could meet a soul that would train me to feel so much joy just by taking a look, much less did I expect that I wanted to spend every second of my time by his side.

As you know, love was never my energetic, and that is why I stuck my heart and made myself the idea that I would never appreciate the moths in the abdomen, those that everyone talks about when they are in love.

But you came and the day when our circumspects crossed each other, it happened suddenly, and there was no way to stop my soul and my being from agreeing to a viable great love that broke the barriers that walled my heart.

From that moment, I began to believe in that impression that before brayed and that at all costs I avoided, and I want to give you the gallantry because with you I discovered that I had given the back to something so amazing that now it is the impulse of my happiness.

Because thanks to you I now believe in affection and I have opened my soul to this great shock that has only filled me with complacency. “

  1. “The happiest days of my existence are those that happen to you, because there is nothing more beautiful than having your kisses and your caresses.

Today we celebrate our first celebration and I want to express to you that this year has been the most amazing of all, because I have opened up how wonderful it is to be in love with the right person.

Because that you flourish in me, darling, the character of my life, the excellent one with whom I can be myself and appreciate myself free even being yours.

Thank you for dedicating your space and all your love, and for filling my heart with rejoicing. “

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