Examples of logos

Logos represent one of the most important elements of a brand, it is a graphic representation of what a company offers either through images or letters or a combination of both, they are usually symbols that instantly reflect everything that characterizes a company. a brand and what it seeks to offer. Through these symbols, companies around the world seek to differentiate themselves from others and attract public, a simple image can take a long time to be developed and captured, seeking to convey a clear and brief message that also transmits the essence of the company.

Company logos may present certain variations over time, they do not remain static but these changes are the product of years of analysis and research on user behavior and the effect of the image that is presented in these symbols, many Sometimes a more accurate approach is achieved in terms of what the company offers, another factor that affects a logo is the evolution of the company and its organization, in several cases there may be more than one version of a logo which will depend on the new proposals that are offered. There are also cases in which the changes are much more radical and the logo of a company is completely modified and this can happen when this element fails to differentiate the brand from the others,

There are some characteristics that logos must meet to achieve their goal of reaching users, to begin with they must be legible in any size, they must be easy to reproduce regardless of the medium, whether printed or digital, it is necessary that it can be distinguished and not cause confusion with respect to other symbols and logos, they must also have the ability to remain in people’s minds and memories, that is, they must be memorable and cause such an impact that people cannot forget.

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