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Examples of living will

living will is defined as the document in which people leave their wishes in writing in relation to some medical treatments that they are willing to undergo in the event of an illness.

Also in said will will be reflected what will be the fate of his organs in case of death, in this document you can make clear your requests if you want to be buried or cremated. Right there will be the name of the person who must take charge of your last wishes, it can be a family member, friend or anyone close to you.

2 Examples of living will

  1. To my husband, my children, doctor and notary.

If the time comes when I can no longer decide on my own will my medical treatment. By means of this declaration that I hope my decisions will be considered and respected since I make them in full conscience,

Clarifying that life is a gift that GOD has given to all living beings, but we cannot forget that death is inevitable and that it comes at the end of our existence in this earthly world. And that this is going to place me next to our lord for that reason. I …………… who subscribes, I ask that when my illness reaches a terminal stage, they do not keep me alive by means of any artificial device or by seeking treatments that are out of the economic reach of my family, not be applied to me. They just say goodbye to me and remind me of how I was in my time of excellent health.
  1. For my family, priest.

Me…………. Even though I am in full condition, I ask you please not to let me suffer when my disease progresses and I no longer have a remedy. I also don’t want to be left in a bed for years just being a burden. I wish that when this happens they make use of any type of treatment that alleviates my death since health will be impossible.

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