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Examples of Limited Partnership

A limited company is defined as the type of commercial company which is used by small traders who are self-employed and who in this way limit their liability to the capital contributed in order to avoid responding to any situation that may arise with their personal assets. .

10 Examples of Limited Partnership

  1. General de ventas de motos S. de RL

Address: 11th street, Las Palmas sector.

Giro: sale of spare parts and accessories for motorcycles.

  1. Stationery mi mama S. de RL

Address: la esperanza calle 9

Giro: sale of books, notebooks and photocopies.

  1. Distribuidora los Ruices S. de RL

Address: calle 4 between carrer 2 y 3 campo florido

Giro: sale of screws in general.

  1. Gomas Ademar S. de RL

Address: bella vista calle 7

Giro: everything related to tires for any type of vehicle.

  1. Alquimia Santander S. de RL

Address: urbanization Urdaneta calle 3

Business: sale and purchase of chemical products.

  1. Creaciones Luna S. de RL

Address: working-class neighborhood calle 5

Business: buying and selling products to paint on canvas.

  1. Luminex electric lamps S. de RL

Address: lower part of Barrancas

Giro: factory of rechargeable lamps of different sizes.

  1. Hierro max S. de RL

Address: Pan-American road next to Centro Plas.

Business: manufacture and sale of iron doors and windows for any area.

  1. Dulcería el Guayabal S. de RL

Address: 13th street of the Campo Alegre urbanization.

Giro: elaboration of different types of guava-based sweets.

  1. Materials Useche S. de RL

Address. Barrio las flores local main street number 12.

Business: Wholesale and retail of construction materials.

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