Examples of Life Projects

A life project is the planning of a scheme that we intend to develop in the different stages of our evolution. In general, the life project is influenced by the actions and the connection we have with the people around us such as family and friends.

A life plan must include aspects such as the definition of who we are, where we come from and where we want to go, motivation , goals short, medium and long term aspects that we want to improve, trips we want to make, elements that we must improve our work, among others.

2 Examples of Life Projects

    • Who I am?

I am a 20 year old female. I qualify as an entrepreneur, creative, fighter, kind, patient, with ease of speech, understanding and easy relationship with people.

I like to do outdoor activities and I am a sports lover, especially extreme sports.

  • Experiences:

I have participated in at least 10 marathons in three countries. I am currently studying sports education as a complement to the sports career that I undertake from a very young age.

On the other hand, I have participated in swimming events and game competitions such as tennis, soccer and basketball. I have also participated in singing competitions at the university where I study.

  • Display.

In the short term I want to participate in the international Olympics representing my country.

  • Fuse:

Besides sports, I am a lover of music and singing. In my spare time I dedicate myself to compose songs that inspire me in each competition I attend. Therefore, I wish to enter a musical academy to complement my knowledge and skills in this discipline.

Create your Life Program

  • At what age will I finish my university studies?

I am currently in the last cut of subjects, so the degree request will be in a month. Once I finish my studies, I will start with a master’s degree and doctorate in related mentions to complement the work and the knowledge acquired.

  • At what age do I intend to pursue my career?

I am currently exercising my career, I am the most powerful client I have, improving my defects and perfecting my techniques have been my best work. However, I also practice in the basic school of my community with girls between 12 and 15 years old.

Even while I am pursuing my career, the day I obtain my higher education degree, I will apply to the big sports companies or the leagues, whether it be baseball or soccer to start a new career.

  • At what age will I get married?

Currently my main focus is studies and personal and spiritual growth. I do not have a romantic partner with whom I can exercise marriage plans. However, I am open to the possibilities that come my way in life, since my greatest desire is to be mothers of two children in the short term.

  • What will I do after I retire?

At the age I retire I will dedicate myself to enjoy and share more time with my family, I will travel and help my family to fulfill the development of their life project.


I am Laura Pérez, I am 30 years old, I am a mother and a wife. I live next to my husband Jesús López and my two sons Juan and Diego, I am a university teacher. I consider myself a kind and patient person, creative and very spontaneous. I do not tolerate injustices or lies, and I am in charge of a home.

I have been practicing my profession for approximately six years, time that has taught me to improve my skills, however, I need to add knowledge and skills in order to improve each of the tools that I use to teach.

In the short term I envision myself opening my own development and learning center in Spain. Goal that I want to achieve with the growth of the family, since I hope that in two years we can be welcoming my third child.

In a period of five years I intend to obtain a new degree, this time in Law to fulfill functions as a lawyer. Time in which I aspire to learn English and French.

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