Examples of Legends

The collective imagination is a concept linked to the myths and legends that communities develop and maintain over the years. These are beliefs that are rooted in the community, and that, given their spread, the members of a community accept them as accurate and manage to identify with them.

What is a legend?

Legends are popular stories, which, although fantasy and imagination are a great part of them, are based on real events. Generally, they are related to the lives of characters that once existed and to whom exaggerated or “special” qualities or defects are now attributed.

Most of the legends have to do with fantastic and supernatural tales, but sometimes they are also linked to events in contemporary history, such as famous people and tragic events.

Examples of legends

  • La llorona : is a woman who lost her children and who walks the streets looking for them with a deafening cry. Legend has it that she killed them herself.
  • The silbón of Venezuela : he is a very something man who carries a sack with the bones of drunk men who roam late at night.
  • The werewolf : a man who turns into a wolf and incites others to offer their soul in exchange for riches.
  • Elvis Presley is alive : from the moment of his death, the legend about the fictitious death of ‘The King’ has spread. It is said that he lives low key in a city in the United States.
  • The Ceibo flower : She was Guaraní and was taken into captivity after a massacre in her town. She escaped and in the process killed a man, after being sentenced to death for this, she was burned while singing, as she did so well. It is said that the Ceibo flower appeared among the ashes.
  • Aka Manto : a girl suffered abuse at school, then died and appeared in the ladies’ baths. When a young woman enters a bathroom, she hears a voice that says “Red or blue paper.” Depending on the color they choose, it will have a certain death.
  • The girl on the curve : it is said that a girl got into a man’s car at his invitation, and when she reached a certain curve, she told him that was where she killed herself. After this the girl disappears from the back seat.
  • Legend of Saint George : he was a man who killed a dragon that was about to eat a princess who was offered as a sacrifice. When Jorge killed the dragon tree and had its heart, it turned into a beautiful rose that he gave to the lady.
  • La Sallona or Sallana : it was a woman who, after gossiping about her husband’s infidelity with her mother, killed them both, but first her mother cursed her. It is said that he goes after unfaithful men and gossipy people.
  • The legend of Walt Disney : it is said that the creator of the Disney empire, before dying, was frozen to last over time. Although he was actually cremated, many people still believe in this legend.

Other examples of legends

  • The light and the salamanca
  • The legend of corn
  • The rocking chair
  • The white owl
  • The burned

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