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Examples of Learning Situation

A learning situation is defined as the realization of some type of activities that students must present in order to comply with certain norms and thus achieve a good grade in the subjects of the period.

This tool is used as a strategy in the educational field since with it the activities or practices will be carried out and from which good learning will be obtained.

10 Examples of Learning Situation

  1. When it is measured, it seeks to learn the perceptual comparisons of the characteristics that exist between people, objects and spaces.
  2. At the time of presenting a work or project, whether individual or group, different techniques and resources should be used so that the student can investigate, discuss, look for the appropriate tools to obtain a good learning.
  3. This technique when used for the first time students will be faced with: the search for specific information about the research work, it is important that they remember what they have learned and put it into practice, they must observe when things do not work well.
  4. To carry out a learning situation you need to have a good inspiration or motivation. Look for information well, practice what you have learned, make your work known to be supervised.
  5. When speaking of a challenging person, it is said that it is a vicarious learning.
  6. Having a new skill and students looking for a way to master it refers to practical learning.
  7. Students seeking a desired vision are said to be assertive learning.
  8. When presenting some type of problem or need and the students look for a way to solve it, we speak of reactive learning.
  9. For students to demonstrate that they learned about the work they did, the ideal is to take it to practice in this way, the supervisors or the guide teacher will give them their grade.
  10. The learning situation is demonstrated by the information that the student (s) retain in their brain.

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